Final Fantasy 4: The Complete Collection (PSP, 2011)


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Final Fantasy 4: The Complete Collection is exactly as the title sounds. It contains the original Final Fantasy 4 game, along with the sequel, The After Years, and a new game, Final Fantasy 4: Interlude. The After Years was originally an episodic game released in Japan on mobile phones and came to North America on the Wii. Interlude was introduced in this compilation to bridge the gap between the two games.

More About Final Fantasy 4

The elite air force of Baron had successfully stolen the Water Crystal under the command of captain Cecil Harvey. On the return trip, Cecil and his knights started questioning what they were doing and their king for ordering them to steal the crystal from the Mysidians. Furious with Cecil, the king strips him of his title as captain and orders him and Kain to head to the village of Mist.

Final Fantasy 4 was the game that introduced the Active Time Battle system that allowed characters to attack when their attack gauge filled. The player’s party can have up to five characters being the first game to feature more than a four party team. There’s a total of 12 playable characters.

More About Final Fantasy 4: Interlude

One year after Zeromus is defeated, Cecil is having a dream of Rydia entering a Crystal Chamber. As happens in most intense dreams, Cecil is awoken by Rosa before he can find out the mysterious voice he hears. They make their way to see the reconstruction of Damcyan castle.

The gameplay for Interlude is the same as Final Fantasy 4 and is really meant to bridge the story of the original game and The After Years. Not meant to be a usual exploration Final Fantasy exploration game, the levels are all linear and players are unable to return to previous areas after finishing them. Interlude isn’t very long, with gameplay lasting between 2 to 4 hours.

More About Final Fantasy 4: The After Years

The After Years was released in episodes and each episode followed different characters from the Final Fantasy 4 world. Taking place 17 years after the original, the game introduces the children of some of the main characters. Ceodore is the son of Cecil and Rosa, Ursula is Yang’s daughter, and Mid who is Cid’s grandson. A mysterious girl, that looks similar to Rydia, is the antagonist collecting the Crystals. The game features a moon phase feature that affects various elements in the game including physical attacks, magical attacks, and enemies’ strength.

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