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Released as part of the Final Fantasy 20th anniversary, this release featured a lot from previous releases of Final Fantasy 2. Unlike Dawn of Souls, this version features the FMV from the Origins compilation. The changes from Dawn of Souls were kept and a new dungeon, the Arcane Labyrinths, were added as well.

Final Fantasy 2

Left for dead, the game’s characters Firion, Maria, and Guy were rescued by the rebel princess, Hilda. The princess established a rebel base in the town of Altair after her kingdom was invaded by the Emperor. They were missing their friend Leon, who was with them when they were attacked. Wanting to join the rebels, Hilda refuses due to their age and inexperience.

Final Fantasy 2 began the tradition of completely reinventing the story and combat in comparison to the previous releases. Unlike Final Fantasy 1, Final Fantasy 2 had a cast of characters with their own names (but could be changed), a different kind leveling system based on which attributes were used most in battle, a keyword gameplay feature that had players bring up certain topics and items to NPC, and changed how players learned and used magic.

This was the first game in the series to include both Chocobos and the character Cid. As fans of the series know, these are both staples of the series and have shown up in pretty much every Final Fantasy game since.

Being a bigger game with a larger development staff, the Final Fantasy 2 localization for North America was never released. The reasons included the long development time, the age of the Japanese version, and the Super Nintendo being released at that time. There was a planned version in beta being developed and even had a prototype cartridge produced, but was no where near ready to be released. It took until Final Fantasy Origins for Final Fantasy 2 to be released over seas.

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