Final Fantasy 5 Advance (GBA, 2006)


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Gameboy Advance


Square Enix




Final Fantasy 5 Advance is mobile version released 6 years after the release of Final Fantasy Anthology. This version added new classes, an updated translation, bestiary, quick-save function, a music player, and a new dungeon with 30 floors. Some bugs present in the game had also been fixed.

More About Game

Concerned about the behavior of the Wind, King Tycoon mounts his dragon and takes off to find out what’s wrong. His daughter can only watch as he and the dragon fly away. All around the world, the wind stops and people are taking notice. Camping with his Chocobo, Bartz feels the ground quake as a meteor hits the ground nearby. As he approaches the crash site, he notices goblins are carrying a girl. He is attacked as he runs towards them. Final Fantasy 5 features a job system, improved upon from Final Fantasy 3’s job system, with 22 classes to choose from. This game featured two types of experience that player’s gathered for their characters, regular experience and ABP for leveling each player’s selected job class. As player’s leveled up each character’s classes, they could learn abilities that could be equipped and used when changing classes. Accessories were introduced in this game and allowed a new equipment slot for characters allowing for passive abilities to be equipped. Originally expected to be released after the Final Fantasy 2 (actually Final Fantasy 4) release for the SNES, Squaresoft felt like gamers overseas weren’t ready for another flagship game in the series and worried that the average gamer wouldn’t be able to pick up and play this game. A PC version was also in development in 1997, but Squaresoft and the game studio hired for the port experienced bad communication and Square scrapped the project.

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