Final Fantasy 3 (DS, 2006)


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Nintendo DS


Square Enix


Square Enix


Just like Final Fantasy 2, Final Fantasy 3 took awhile before it was released over seas. The original Final Fantasy 3 released in North America for the SNES was actually a repackaged Final Fantasy 6. Due to the Super Nintendo being released, the developers didn’t have enough of their team to dedicate to an English version. It took until the merger of Squaresoft and Enix to finally get the ball rolling on a release overseas. Nintendo convinced Square Enix to release the game for their DS handheld. Square Enix decided to make the game completely 3D and utilize the second touch screen of the console for a number features in the game.

More About Game

After an earthquake, a hidden cavern is revealed. Luneth stumbles into the cavern and must battle his way out. As he makes his way through the cavern, he finds the Wind Crystal which tells him he is chosen as a Warrior of Light. His mission is to return the balance to the world with three others.

Final Fantasy 3 reintroduces the leveling system from Final Fantasy 1. This is the game that introduced the job system that can be found in future games of the series. Players find more jobs as the complete sections of the game and gain access to 23 total job classes to choose from.

The DS handheld provided a great challenge for the Square Enix team, because it was there first time developing for the console and had to start from scratch. They decided for a full 3D remake as a way to appeal to new fans and as a refreshing take on the game for existing fans. For North American fans, it was great just to have the game released!

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